This book Knowledge to Grow Shaped Trees was written by Peter Cook and Becky Northey, the world’s leading tree shapers. The knowledge contained in this book, is their answer to worldwide demand for Pooktre’s shaping method.

You will discover a whole new world

  • Gives you the ability to live in harmony with trees.
  •  Grow a fantasy entrance to your garden.
  • Some trees species should not be used.
  • Find out which trees they are and why.
  • You could waste years trying to find the right tree.
  • This book show you tests If you don’t understand the importance of light, you could be staving your plants.
  • Discover the role light plays in your garden and how to make the best use of its energy.
  • Before you start deciding your trees’ future, choose if it is to remain living or be harvested.
  • Designing is one of the most troublesome areas for most people.
  • Designing is key to successfully shape trees.
  • This book gives you the fundamentals of designing with tree lore and two step by step projects which demonstrate the principles in action. One is growing a person tree the other is growing a harvested mirror.


Full of useful information, this is no dry text book, and the pictures used to explain and demonstrate the various techniques (and to show the finished products) provide plenty of evidence that the advice given has indeed been gained from practical experience.

Dr Chris Cattle / the leading British tree shaper

Pook and Becky have achieved and written about the wild Plum in this book are invaluable lessons and observations that will be much appreciated by anyone wanting to work with trees. A debt of gratitude should be offered for the hard won wisdom, tricks of the trade and short cuts they so generously offer

Dan Ladd / the leading American tree shaper

As anyone who has worked with living trees will know, this whole process must take its time, and you must have the patience to work in the long term. With the help of this book, even a novice grower and trainer can start with the advantage of many years experience..

Jamie Durrie / TV show Australia’s Best Back Yard Host

Make a difference

Pooktre believe we can all make a difference, this is one of the small ways they have chosen help others.

Imagine the feelings if at age 28 you are diagnosed with advanced, inoperable cervical cancer that required aggressive treatments. That’s exactly what happened to our editor Sher Matsen’s daughter Shawnna-Lee Taylor. The family already faced a heavy financial burden with Sher’s husband completely disabled from a massive heart attack earlier. That’s where Pooktre come in. They are donating 7% of their profits of each book sold to help Shawnna financially – medications, travel, accommodations, and just surviving. Shawnna has a message for all women, “Get your Pap Smear it could save your life.”


Pooktre Bonus

Some things You need to Consider before you start is a white paper discussing long-term considerations to help you plan your future enjoyment of tree shaping

Trees to Consider for Shaping is a knowledgeable guide full of images of trees categorized into groups according to their potential for tree shaping, which will give you a head start with your projects

Book Extracts Below